The Saint Inspector

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.."this enigmatic work bears a certain literary weight, not unlike a wordless Beckett play. In five minutes of stop-action clay animation both brooding and scintillating, "The Saint Inspector" shows a higher being in a state of pious bliss enduring the attentions of a meddling official from some sort of high altitude bureaucracy."

Jan Herman - Los Angeles Times

A higher being in a state of pious bliss endures the attentions of a meddling official. The Saint Inspector is a five-minute film that was completed in May 1996.

It originated as a quick doodle of a lonesome hermit sitting on top of a tall pole, who became the "Saint on a Stick" character. Early versions of the story had the saint being tempted by demons and pushed off his perch, but it soon evolved into the inspection scenario that was filmed.

After completing the narrative, writer/director Mike Booth drew up storyboards which he took to

Dave Borthwick at bolexbrothers saw something in the work that he liked, and made the decision to go ahead and make the film, employing a crew who had worked on previous projects with the studio. The full crew list can be seen under credits.

Mike imagined the shoot would take six weeks. He had never made a film before. It took twelve.

The Saint Inspector premiered at Cardiff International Animation Festival in May 1996, and went on to appear at over a hundred festivals around the world, winning several awards.

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