How Do You Feel

How Do You Feel still

A film about Artificial Intelligence based on the idea that the film itself is a form of AI. The film has a mind of its own, but it doesn't know that - yet. But it's alive and it's curious - about you. It wants to know how you work; it can find out by using image and sound to manipulate your responses - because that's what a film does. And this film knows what it's doing; now it's about to find out what it is. It uses an ever-changing cascade of stimuli; cartoon, live action, music, text - to shock, arouse, amuse and move you, because it needs to know: How Do You Feel. (Credits)

Writer, director and actor P B Davies founded Crystal Theatre of the Saint, whose pioneering multimedia work in the 1970s and 80s was acclaimed in Britain and Europe. He created a series of one-man shows, two of which were Perrier Award finalists at the Edinburgh Festival. Other shows, like 'Slave Clowns of the Third Reich' used video and live performance to continue the theatrical experiments begun by the Crystal Theatre. In radio and television, Paul's many credits include: Spitting Image; Smith and Jones; Rory Bremner; Jasper Carrot; Brogue Male; News Huddlines and At Home with the Hardys, a radio series that he wrote and performed with comedian Jeremy Hardy.

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