Tom Thumb still

The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb

The heroes of fairy tales will live as long as their stories are read, remembered and retold. a hundred years ago, Tom Thumb stood tall among the ranks of fairy tale immortals, a story stirring the richness of childlike imaginations. The Secret adventures of tom thumb, however is not the simple fantasy of the traditional tale but a bold re-exploration of the theme, a stunning journey through a post-industrial dream world of 'giants' and 'little folk'.

Based on an award-winning ten-minute pilot, The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb is a sixty-one minute film combining 3-D model animation with an innovative use of pixilation -the technique of animating human actors frame by frame. The film was the first major production for the bolexbrothers. Tom Thumb was conceived, written edited and directed by Dave Borthwick:

"Pixilation is no small task for actors. A movement or expression that lasts for, say, five seconds on screen could take three or four hours to shoot."

The result is a film which, although rooted in the basic elements of the old story, has been set in a world less remote than the traditional versions. The extraordinary pixilated animation and the mumbled, barley coherent dialogue, have created a timeless 'netherworld' filled with startling imagery, a strange place that is uncomfortably familiar.

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